January 7, 2005
Another Year Ahead

Happy New Year! All, or the few that stumble onto the site! With War and Famine and major catastrophe, I feel uncomfortable about the future.

Like you, I needing reassurance. So, I search for the answers to the deepest of questions. My search was rewarding, taking me to far away corners of my living room, and finding the lost remote control under the futon. That in turn lead me to a rerun of "Lost Civilization: Gui Dooma" on the History channel. The true story of the unlucky Gui people and there sticky fate. I noticed something interesting. In the graphic representation of the Gui Dooma Book-O-Karma subtitled: prophecy for dummies. There were several pages outlining Gui Divination. The ancient text was written in grape Hi-C and was not holding up very well. But if you looked at it in a certain light, and squinted your eyes just so, it resemble the syntax of javascript. Eureka! With a little tweaking and optimization, I now proudly present the GUI Board Web based divination of the Gui Dooma. If your results are gibberish, don't fret. The Gui people were not very literate.

GUI Board

November 15, 2004
"I Smell a Rat" by Colin Shea"

by Rift

I watched the election change from optimistically Kerry to pro Bush through the late hours of November second.The discrepancies from the exit polling was a deja vu to the process in florida of 2000. Something is amiss in the American political process. Something that has a lot of people wondering just how far things have gone. To through fuel on the fire is this article posted on reputable Zogy web site.


November 11, 2004
Site Production Update

by Rift

Here is a sketch I found buried within my directory structure. I had forgotten that I started this and thought it might be fun to share at this stage. I'll let you know when I create a seething out of it.

Anyone stumbling onto the site should take note. This site is under construction. I have considered putting up a "Under construction" splash page, but keeping it live, motivates me. Most production time has been spent programming and creating seething content. All other content is FPO (for position only) so you will need to excuse the random babblings and typos, and just plain poor writing.

Feel free to complain about any and all things related to site production. Place these complaints on the "Editorial" board, within the "Forums" sections.

Today's good news: I have completed two additional seethings. One for the "Politics" section. Poking fun at our very favorite VP (too easy). The second design marks the first for our "Holiday" section. For everyone trying to get a leg up (or finger) on the Christmas season.

Please, Please send these greetings to both loved and loathed ones.